Betrayal Is Better Than Rejection in Relationships

Many people say that rejection is better than betrayal. However, it has been proven that betrayal is better than rejection. The main reason that was give is that rejection has a bigger impact on psychological part than betrayal. When you look at it I think you will agree if you take some time to think about it.

Betrayal in love

However, in this article, we are going to give 5 reasons that were given during the survey. Now, the question is which of these hurts more than the other

Psychological touchier

If a person is rejected, they tend to have psychological touchier. This means that they will be asking themselves some questions that they do not have the answer to. Like, why did they leave me? Am I not beautiful? Is there something wrong with me? What did I do wrong? Furthermore, they will get stress that can make then get ill. But when it comes to betrayal with another person, the person will ask themselves fewer questions and later they will get over it.

Loose of all hope to love again

When a person is rejected, they lose all hope of ever loving again; Even if they get the chance of getting someone who really loves them. In the end of the day they will be thinking that the person will reject them eventually. This will be bad for other relationships that they will get because they will be insecure about their relationships and act a little bit crazy. However, when it comes to betrayal, the person will be all over the place looking for someone and take revenge. In the long run this will lead to true love.

Lack self confidence

As it is mentioned in this article, rejection makes a person to lose all the hope of ever loving again. This is brought by lack of self-confidence. However, when it comes to betrayal, the person has self-confidence but they will not completely trust the other party.

You will choose something secondary

As it is mentioned above, betrayal is better than rejection because it has many effects on someone’s life than betrayal. If someone is rejected by someone he/she loved very much, they tend to loses self-esteem to look for something better. In other words, when they come to love again, they will settle with someone instead of going to look for someone great. A good example, instead of someone straight looking for a lawyer, doctor, dentist and others, they will go for hookers, drunkard, and others.

 You will feel bad about your self

Rejection makes a person feel bad about him or herself. This means that for a person to overcome the rejection, it might take months and even years. However, if a person is betrayed by his/her lover, they will only take few weeks to get over that. Furthermore, the person will not feel bad about him/herself, but he will petty the other one.

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