Facebook As A Marketing Tool

Facebook as an amazing Marketing Tool

Want to stay in touch with your friends? Want to know about an old school or college teacher of yours? Want to know more professionals belonging to your profession? Want to chat with a distant cousin of yours? Well whatever be the need, the social networking tool, Facebook has an answer to all your needs. Connecting millions across the globe, Facebook today has become a need of the hour, something everybody’d busy with.

Moreover, slowly, it has become the tool for interaction among people. We might have not realised, but in reality Facebook is earning ugly sums of money, and that too because of advertising. Yes, you heard it right. Apart from chatting and playing Farmville, the social networking site is helping a number of businesses expand and that too at dirt cheap rates.

Opening a shop of your own has become quite an expensive and difficult task today. If a person wants to open a shop then he/she will first have to invest in a small estate, then put get the basic necessities while spend on painting, furnishing and finally making it ready and available for the customers to come.

But compared to advertising on Facebook, one simply has to make a page regarding the product one is selling, put up all the necessary details about the location, the type of stuff you are selling, the price, payment options and finally contact details.

The advantage with this is that the shopkeeper does not have to be physically present while making the transactions. Also, it’s cheap and cost-effective. The shopkeeper (who’s virtually running the shop now!) can get an instant feedback about his products and get to know about the problems or comments regarding their product.

Facebook also helps a great deal in marketing agendas. From mugs, chains to t-shirts and other accessories, the owners today use contests to promote their particular product. These add a sense of excitement and flavour of curiosity in people’s mind about the upcoming product and people are attracted to it.

In a short span of time, Facebook has managed to leave its competitor’s way behind in not just social networking but also in terms of marketing and advertising. As Google came up with Google+, more and more number of people is trying their level best to divert the traffic to their website.

At least for now, it’s facebook that rules the roost..!

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