Help yourself from Facebook Hacking

Help yourself from Facebook HackingHacking is something that is very annoying and very regular these days too. From our e-mail id’s to the Social networking accounts like Facebook account, orkut account, myspace etc. all accounts are always at a risk.

Howsoever many anti-hacking techniques people use, one fine day they come to know that their accounts have been hacked all of a sudden. People hack other accounts for many reasons, out of which why youngsters and school children are indulging into it for taking revenge from friends. People also hack accounts for obscene activity which is on a rise these days and highly intolerable.







One thing that can be done to be free from hacking is monitoring The Facebook Login activity. This is a very simple and useful thing to do.

Login to your Facebook account and do this. Go to Account>> Account Settings, then select Account security option.
In the Account Security Options you can see all your previous logins along with their last access dates, location and device types.
This way you can keep a track of all the activity happening on your facebook accounts. If you spot any wrong activity, you can make your privacy stronger there and then by changing your password, contact e-mail and securing your contact information.

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