Indian Grill Room, Gurgaon

If you happen to visit Gurgaon any time soon, then here is a new place that you can visit, Indian Grill Room. Larger than life, elite and luxurious, Indian Grill Room is one place that takes you to a new land of luxury. All smitten by the ambience and the decor, We took tons of picture of the restaurant itself. The place was not only a good restaurant but a nicely done place. If you choose a restaurant by the looks first then take a look here.

The PDR seemed a very nice choice for formal business meetings. The Indian Grill Room was not a very jazzy place, which was good considering every restaurant is in a want to turn itself into a lounge or something near to that. The place was simple and yet very larger than life.

The Food, the have a buffet with some great delicacies and a price that will make you run to the place. You cannnot even image the price at which you would be offered that amazing buffet. Have a look here itself.


I totally loved their mocktails apart from their food. The Liquid Fruit chat was something different and very nice. Try out this, “Chai Sangaria” when you pay them a visit.

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