‘Inglish’ Is A Very ‘FUNNY’ Language :D

english is a funny language

Friends,don’t you find that ” English is quite a funny Language” ??

I mean when it comes to ENGLISH ,generally we don’t mean what we speak.Isse better toh HINDI hai,atleast we mean actually the same what we speak…

Confused? Let me help you,here are few English sentences & words,which we use very often in our day-to-day conversations :

*  Let’s hang together : Why me? I mean, dude hang yourself if you wish so.I am not at all interested in hanging myself,just go Innocent

* Pulling Your Leg : Pulling my Leg,what’s wrong with you!Yell My mother has given me enough of BOURNVITA doses.So you don’t need to pull my leg..I’m happy with my height Tongue out

* What’s up? :Ammm… SKY! heheheLaughing.I mean,can’t you see yourself what is up? Do i ever ask you what’s down? what’s right? or what’s left? then.Grow up yaarEmbarassed

* I’m having my eyes on you : REALLY!Cool if you having your eyes on me,then tell me 1 thing dear,how are you managing to see rest of the world.hmm..Sochne ki baat hai.nahi Undecided

* Cut it off :What???Surprised  Ooopss!!!  CENSORED

* Have a Blast : Oye! tu friend hi hai na ? Why should I have a “BLAST”.Seriously if have friend like you,I don’t require any enemy…Sacchi yaWink

Chalo enough for today, aaj ke liye itni english kafi hai.. baki next class mein.

 Catch you later  OMG! SurprisedNo,No,No.I didn’t mean that,Sorry.This is something i will never ever do, thoda bhaari ho jayega…Winknahi Laughing


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