04/03/2013 Ankul Barar

Online Shopping Goes More Reliable with Try and Buy

Buying things without stepping out of your home is dream come true for hundreds. Yes, we are talking about nothing but shopping online. There are hundreds of online portals these days that offer a wide range of products so that you can shop from the convenience of your home. One of the popular online shopping stores is Yebhi.com that is ruling the hearts of shopaholics largely because of the large options that the website offers. Other things that work in favour of the website is timely deliveries, attractive discounts and genuine products.

However, recently it was figured out that still a large number of people are hesitant of making purchases online, sole reason being that they cannot touch, feel, or try the product. Considering this, Yebhi recently introduced a new feature, Try and Buy which will allow buyers to try the product before making the payment.
In order to make use of the feature try and buy all that the buyer needs to do is log on to the online store, select the product and opt for cash on delivery. So, when the product reaches the buyer, he will be allowed to check the product, try it and only if he is satisfied with the product, he shall make the payment or else return it.

Company’s this feature is definitely going to earn it lots of customers, but more than that Yebhi is going to earn the confidence of its customers. With try and buy Yebhi has just taken a step ahead of getting close to their customers.

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Ankul Barar +Ankul Barar is a Tarot card reader and a holistic healer. He is soon going to be a novelist (Hopefully). This dreamer and thinker is the Co-Founder of Cupid Speaks

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