The Satyamev Jayate Effect

satyamev-jayateBarely few episodes old and it already has got the nation talking. It does not air on prime time but yet, it boasts to be one of the shows with highest viewership. Satyamev Jayate is an attempt to stand to its literal meaning, a show that is by, for and belongs to the people. Being helmed by the infallible and charming Aamir Khan, Satyamev Jayate is easily one of the top reality show dominating our telly and also our mind today, with an estimate of nearly 8.96 million viewers.  The show talks about social issues that are scathing the progress of the nation as well as its citizens; and of things we have ignored so long. It has so far covered the issues of female foeticide, child sexual abuse, medical malpractice, dowry system, honor killings, domestic violence, physical disabilities and pesticide poisoning, et al. Stats show that indeed, it has proved as a catalyst for a hopeful change.

Palpably, the show has also managed to stir up emotions, question the existing scenario and jolted the nation into action. Satyamev Jayate’s second episode addressed the issue of child sexual abuse. The show brought forward shocking sexual offenses that adults have been committing on children. Various victims who faced this ghastly abuse daringly came out of the closet on the show and narrated their horror stories that shocked the country. Never before was the issue discussed in an open forum like it happened on Aamir’s show. After the gut-wrenching take on medical fraternity, The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) booked five senior Rajasthan government doctors for granting recognition to the nursing colleges which did not have standard facilities for the students, officials said. The authorities of five nursing colleges were also booked under various sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act.The idea of generic medicines that was shared and promoted on the show has found its way into listening ears. Maharashtra Government giving the green signal to a lot more generic medicine stores than the state now has. The Government announced that Generic medicines would be made available across all Government hospitals. When reverent Khan talked of speciallyabled, physically challenged children enduring problems due to apathetic  admission process and lack of basic facilities, problems being faced by physically challenged children in getting admission in schools, Delhi government decided to carry out a survey of such kids in the city to extend them educational facilities. Officials said Education Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely asked his department to launch a survey to find out the number of physically challenged students. After the maverick actor’s show dug out devils of healthcare and a string of womb removal surgeries sparked a row, Chhattisgarh government cracked down on nine private doctors and suspended their registration for allegedly advising and performing hysterectomy-removal of uterus and both ovaries-without convincing medical reasons.

And several many news reports about good changes made us sigh with happiness..

However, criticism has its peculiar way of accompanying everything that is successful and worthy. In a way, the show has managed to get the limelight only because of its star host and his fan following. Basically, he does the same things that our journalists have done for years, and we can’t deny. More importantly, it instigates fears that people will start to lose a sense of trust and belief in the existing governing system.

However, anything that leads to our progress is undoubtedly good right? Or is there something more we need to consider?

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