Top 3 Issues Today’s Youth Is Facing

Drug Problem In Indian Youth“I am frustrated with my life”, This is the most common thing which is heard by every second teenager.Ever wondered why is the frustration level so high among the youth?. Well there are certain serious issues which is affecting emotionally,physically,mentally and socially to the teens.


Alcohol/Drug Abuse:

This issue of doing drugs,drinking alcohol and smoking is the most serious problem facing teenagers in the country today. This act was virtual in early 90s but gradually it became a symbol of “being cool” which results in immature behavior,absenteeism,personality disorder etc.This also results in Poor grades and attendance,anti-social and violent behavior and many other serious cases.Is this is the only solution to all the problems?NO, There are infinite solutions to withdraw from such fatal habits. The first thing they can do is approach their parents who can help them better.Undergoing a medical treatment will help develop a sane and stable mind with a decent personality.There are people who suffer,suffer miserably but don’t take the initiative. If you REALLY want to give up this habit you can check the following websites for help (delhi) (mumbai)

Relationship Problem In Indian YouthRelationships:

Yes they do affect an individual and is a serious cause.Nearly 1/3rd of the teens have admitted that they have been into serious relationships.Break-ups do hurt you but that doesn’t mean you end your life,your ambitions,your happiness. Never loose your identity for the other half when you are in a relationship.No doubt compromises are required in the relationships,but when they start taking a toll on the lives its wiser to end the relation rather quarreling over it. Indulging yourself into other activities help alot.Girls can go shopping and guys and play video gamesĀ Laughing


Teens moving Ahead Of Their AgeGrowing Up Too Fast:

Don’t you think the teenagers are growing up too fast lately. There was a time when they loved being kids and managed to grab a pigment of happiness from their own little world.But today youth is partaking serious adult activities which leading to unethical consequences.The movies,t.v,internet etc all the things are portraying adult content and now there’s no such thing as family filter.The concept of teenage life is wiped out from today’s thing which can really help to overcome breakups is emotional intelligence.

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