Truth Behind Divya Bharti’s Death:

divya bharti's death

Divya Bharti who is one of the few actors, who started their career at an early age, appeared on the tinsel screen in a telegu movie in 1990. Her resemblance with super star Sridevi, helped her getting noticed in Bollywood. She was a rising star who got to taste the sweet nectar of success in a very short span. Well known for movies like Vishawtma, Shola aur Shabnam, Deewana, Dil Aashna hai and many more, her career had an abrupt end because of her mysterious demise on april-5-1993 at the youthful age of 19.

Divya was alleged to commit suicide by jumping from the window of her apartment at fifth floor. Her designer friend Neeta Lulla and Neeta’s husband Shyam Lulla were present at the moment. It was found out that Divya had drunk before jumping from the window. She sat on the edge and might even have slipped.

Though her fearless nature to play with dangers was confirmed by the producers of her earlier films, this case which appears like an accident or suicide is still said to be a potential conspiracy or even a murder!

Complications had been increasing alarmingly between Divya and her mother because of Divya’s relationship with Sajid Naadiawala (Islamic by religion). Her mother never appreciated her relation with Sajid but Divya married Sajid against her mother’s will and changed her name to Sara.

While it was already a stressful situation for Divya, the news of Sajid’s connection with underworld tensed her even more. She was thunder stuck when she was dropped from Govinda’s Radha ka Sangam and replaced by Juhi Chawla. The all three fact – that are complications with her mother, Sajid’s connection with underworld and losing an important film cane be accounted as one of the reasons for her suicide (If it was).

Surprisingly, Sajid was not allowed to attend Divya’s cremation which expresses the grudge of Divya’s family over Sajid.

The two possibilities – that is suicide and accident are equally convincing, but the possibility of murder suffers with a feeble probability for there are no strong evidences.

The report says that she had three pegs of rum before she sat on the edge of window, where she could have lost balance and had accidently fallen. Also her stormed personal life because of Sajid and her mother makes the suicide case strong as well.

The investigation was finally closed after five years in 1998, but she is still remembered commemorated for her short yet remarkable acting career.


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