Sonia Gandhi Swiss Banks AccountsUPA Chairman and President of All India Congress Committee “Sonia Gandhi is around 9.41 billion dollars (345 crore to Rs 42) and 18.66 billion dollars (900 crore to Rs 83), the Swiss bank accounts, according to an article on Wikipedia.

According to the article, Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte, 11 November 1991 revealed that Sonia Gandhi, was the control of secret Swiss bank accounts worth $ 2.2 billion (Rs 10,000 crore).
If these reports are true then India is a bigger problem, you might have imagined. Since there are so many Indian politicians, who should be in Swiss bank accounts of the Bank.
Although 20% of them have bank accounts still have billions of dollars in India who are languishing in a Swiss bank.

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  1. Anonymous

    when wikipedia can dig this information apart from all the load of information it is providing to the world, how hard is it for the government to do the same… and if not possible for the government actually, take the help of Wikipedia, I hope it would definitely help out! ;)

  2. Bhakti

    If dis reports r true den its gonna land her in trouble.Dis might be the reason why Congress is not Co-ordinating properly with Anna Hazare on Lokpal bill.

  3. Nw that u guys have careless ly posted tthis let me tell u that it can be editable..and reporting n the basis of wikipedia is stupid….anyone can edit that…

  4. sushil kumar

    It means india has to fight second freedom fighter war against corruption again . they are like mohammad gajni lutere .anna and swami ramdev are right person to start this war again. india will free again.clean india. root cause of poverty in india is this black money kept in swiss bank .

    • tjs

      This account can also be linked to contents in the book kgb State within a state ,by yevegenia albats (isbn o-374527385) which was written after much research in Russian archives.It is shockin to read how the money was given to polititians in exchange of award of certain favours/contracts.The rot had started from jeep scandal of 1948 and number of scandals soared to more than 205.Public is entitled to know the punishment awarded to these people and where the money has gone.we should all pledge to desseminate this information to all indians,support team Anna,Ramdev and similar people launch a vigorous campaign to put the culprits behind bars ! jai hind.

  5. sushil kumar

    if this true than these politician are like mohammad gajni who looted india we all read about him in history.swami ram dev and anan hajare are rigth person. india have to fight again second ajaadi.

  6. sandeep jaisawal

    I have been been browing 1OOs of site to get some officila documents for above claims.
    But apart from swiss magzine nothing is formal.
    Cant find RAUL Vinci being detailed at boston in official newpaper of Boston of Us,
    Can any have post the link here ????

    any official proof . I know these things are always under Hood.
    But amy offiicial link ???

  7. Rajesh

    • Hello Enforcement Directorate (ED), you have started very good job after 63 years of independence. If you have time, also check why Sonia and family visit to SWISS and what happened to Bofors and so many other scams money done during Congress rule. FYI-Britishers were able to rule on India because of GADDARS. In modern India time-Some Govt. Agencies are doing that role.
    • Question is not why Ramdev is being probed. Point is why this probing can’t be done according to the priority based on time and magnitude involved. Why can’t this ED probe Black Money and Corruption Issues effectively, in spite of Supreme Court asking and Indians are demanding? Answer is simple, Corrupt Congress wants to suppress such voices raising against them. CBI and ED like agencies are playing on Sonia’s fingers rather than doing un-biased probe themselves. Of course, let Ramdev be checked but will ED probe Corrupt Congress Nexus after it? Do this ED has will power or soul to do such Patriotic tasks. I have big doubt about it?

  8. Akshita Jain

    All I know is that I was startled to read this article. These are the people running our country and all this!!!

    • mukesh

      very true…These are our great leaders on whose birth & death
      anniversaries the government uses the tax payer's money to
      lavishly advertise their so-called 'achievements' in all
      national newspapers!

  9. Vasudevan


  10. People of India is very poor but not India is poor .This
    article is main for that politician parties has the account in Swiss bank. Thank you for sharing with us…………

  11. kadesh

    these are our national leaders right..????
    we should burn such peoples in the road…
    only her property can replace inflation for next 10 years..
    first of all we are the stupid guys because we only elected them..
    guys we have to wake up..

  12. narayan

    Sonia Gandhi Has Billion Of Dollars In Swiss Bank Accounts""" and also so many other have pile of rupees in their name . made by some good ways. this was possible only with the help of indian people ,who have always bowed before such peoples. credit must go to every poor indian ..even though they have nothing eat they made their leaders rich among the rich .

  13. khushal chand

    now the whole of the picture is clear before the indian becomes our duty to get rid of these big sharks to respect our hard earned freedom otherwise they are going to sell our great nation to the foreign banks thus weakening our economy. the internet users are requested to educate the masses as a service

  14. it is very difficult to trust any party in this country……………………………………………………………………………we have 2make our own.

  15. Amin charaniya

    I proud she have 18.66 billion I pray to god give more to Sonia Gandhi she have that talent to make money we are stupid people

  16. Amin charaniya goma d r Congo

    I am happy with my money I am not Anna

  17. mohan

    Then, does anyone have the guts to pursue this case. what is BJP doing? Or have the BJP leaders got a “cut” in this amount to keep quiet? Also who gives the right to rahul and sonia gandhi to talk about corruption? On the whole, we Indians, are all a BLOODY SHAMEFUL LOT!!

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